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Bay Park Centre

A highly visible pair of innovative office towers to be built in Downtown Toronto next to the Union Station and Air Canada Centre. Bay Park Centre is the result of a joint effort between global real estate leaders Ivanhoé Cambridge and Hines. Recently, after securing CIBC as anchor tenant it was renamed CIBC Square.

Designed at DBOX, NY. All renderings by DBOX.

Kuba Krystyniak portfolio update 2017_IPAD_v3 img 16x9_Kuba Krystyniak portfolio update 2017_IPAD_v3 img 16x9_
Kuba Krystyniak portfolio update 2017_IPAD_v3 img 16x9_5Kuba Krystyniak portfolio update 2017_IPAD_v3 img 16x9_5
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